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We’ve listened, we’ve learned, and the market has definitely spoken! Our old name just wasn’t working: it was hard to pronounce, hard to spell, and hard to understand what we do. Even if the ‘archivist’ leap was made it didn’t carry our special mission with it.

At the same time, we’ve also heard from our customers that what we do best is help them build immutable audit trails for all their business data: documents, files, images and other types of digital content. We’re not archiving it, we’re creating a verifiable audit trail for every version of it!

So from today we are DataTrails, Inc. We think this better expresses what we do and not what we don’t do. Your data stays where it is. You work with your partners through the apps you love. We create the immutable audit trails that let everyone work with confidence, trust, and transparency.

We’ve changed the name but we’re not changing our mission: DataTrails will continue to strive to establish a new and better model of digital trust by assuring provenance and integrity of data crossing business and application boundaries, and bring digital trust to all the places where people already work. We will continue to offer unparalleled transparency, provenance, and digital trust for any digital content. And we will continue to listen to you!

Stay tuned for more updates!

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