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DataTrails enables compliance and audit teams to eliminate the time-wasting and error-prone processes with our new solution.  With the introduction of our Dropbox connector, there is a no-code solution that provides notarized evidence of your file’s metadata.  Now you can capture legally admissible proof for your business with just a few clicks.

To get started, set-up a free DataTrails account and connect it to Dropbox by following these instructions.

Audit Professionals Rejoice – Save Time and Money with These Automations

Individuals that send and receive important data (power of attorney, contracts, wills, etc.) can benefit from this automation.  You can generate an audit trail for your downloaded files by simply downloading your important files to DataTrails by way of Dropbox. By downloading the file to your Dropbox folder, you hash your file, and metadata goes to the DataTrails blockchain.  To verify the file, drag into  to verify the metadata and see the document’s history.   

Microsoft Office Files in Dropbox – A Dream for multiple authors

Quickly capture an Office document’s modification history, by using productivity tools embedded in Dropbox.  This is a helpful automation for files that are edited often. Log in to and open the relevant folder that is tracked in DataTrails. In the top navigation click Create, then select a Microsoft document filetype under documents, presentations, or spreadsheets. Go ahead and use Excel, PowerPoint, or Word normally. No save button needed. This creates a live file in your Dropbox folder and will create an automatic audit trail. Each time you update your document, new metadata will be generated tracking the update history of the file independent of Dropbox or MS Office.

Capture Real-time Metrics and Audit Trails with DocSend

When a signed document is critical for business operations, managers want to know every step in the process for when a document is sent, received, and signed.  By using DocSend and Dropbox, you can capture an audit trail while getting metrics on the digital file.  Dropbox, DocSend, and DataTrails are the right combination of collaboration and control that you need for your business-critical documents.