Getting Started is Simple

Create data trails or simply search and review the data trails of others.

Full Account

Comprehensive API access & control


  • Create & view unlimited events
  • Share data trails with partners
  • Access to the API
  • Access to all platform features
  • 1 GB evidence storage

Just Need to Verify Data Trails?

Verify Only

Free read-only account

Sign up, it’s free


  • View and search data trails created by others
  • Limited access to platform features
  • Limited access to API

All You Need to Get Started

With the Verify Only account, you will have read-only access via the InstaProof tool for public metadata and will be able to search and review any private metadata that has been registered into DataTrails and privately shared with you.

- A Subject ID: The Subject ID is necessary for other DataTrails accounts to create access policies for sharing private metadata
- Audits/Filters: Enables assets and events to that have been shared with a Verify-only account to be searched.

When you sign up for our Full Account Free Trial, you have practically full access to our API and Web UI, 1GB of rich evidence storage, unlimited users, and a limit of 1000 events. You also get all the benefits of a Verify Only account. This trial lasts for 30 days and will revert to a Verify Only account at the end of the trial or when you convert to a Full Account.

We need to learn a little more about your intended use-case. Please book time with our team here to discuss it further.

After 30 days, if you do not plan on purchasing a Full Account subscription, your Free Trial will be switched to a Verify Only Account. Write access using our API and web app will be disabled. Metadata that has been shared publicly will remain part of the public domain. Metadata that has been shared privately will still be readable by other users who you have provided access and permissions.

That data remains available to any user that you've given access permissions to read and/or write to, but the data trails become read-only therefore you won’t be able to create updates or change the policies until you purchase a subscription.

Yes! Contact our sales team here and we’ll get you started with Pricing varies depending on your expected usage.

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