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In the age of Gen AI, it is now apparent that we can no longer trust what we see and read. The fakers have the upper hand: while typical security approaches rely on scaling up teams, attacks scale at the press of a button. To safely move forward and realize the benefits Gen AI enables, we need a better trust model that adds integrity, transparency and trust to all data and a common provenance format that captures origin, authenticity and lineage information. We must verify data before we use it.

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DataTrails data provenance platform provides any business the capabilities needed to help make content safe, secure and trustworthy. Now with a seamless Dropbox integration, anyone can create immutable audit trails for their digital content to help prevent misuse and detect fakes and fraud.

Content remains in Dropbox and its provenance metadata is recorded to an immutable audit trail in DataTrails. Verifying the integrity, authenticity and lineage of the content can be done using the DataTrails Instaproof tool with a simple drag and drop.

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Integrate DataTrails & Dropbox with Ease

Dropbox users can combine the capabilities of a popular cloud storage service with the robustness and transparency of blockchain-powered data provenance.

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  • Improve data integrity with accurate, complete and secure metadata that can be easily audited
  • Detect fake & fraudulent data that can’t be instantly verified and authenticated
  • Protect against misuse of data with strong provenance that proves who did what when
  • Gain business trust with partners, suppliers and customers by providing deeper insights about shared digital content
  • Simplify root cause analysis: trace events back to their roots, helping to identify bugs or other issues faster
  • Time travel through data: move through event streams in any direction for superior analysis and forecasting

Automatic Provenance Metadata Recording

One of the standout features of DataTrails is its ability to automatically record provenance metadata. Every action taken on Dropbox, such as file uploads and modifications, is tracked and recorded in an immutable audit trail. This ensures that a complete record of data provenance is maintained, allowing users to trace the origin and any subsequent changes made to their files.

Instantly Verify Content Authenticity with Instaproof

Ensuring the authenticity of data stored in Dropbox can be a challenging task. With DataTrails, this process becomes remarkably simple. Our Instaproof feature allows anyone who has access to your content to verify its authenticity and lineage with a simple drag and drop action. By dragging a file onto Instaproof, users can also instantly verify if any tampering or unauthorized modifications have occurred.


Portable Data Integrity

Data integrity is crucial, especially when data needs to be shared across multiple platforms or organizations. DataTrails addresses this concern by offering portable data integrity.

Traditional databases lose the story and context behind digital content whether it’s yours or comes from partners, suppliers and customers. That’s because traditional databases only store the current state and provenance metadata is not recorded in standard ways that provide explainability, integrity and transparency.

DataTrails provenance platform ensures that data integrity remains intact even if it is shared or transferred between different parties. This provides a transparent and tamper-evident system, giving users the confidence that their data remains reliable and trustworthy throughout its lifecycle.



DataTrails offers a cutting-edge data provenance platform powered by blockchain technology. By integrating with Dropbox, DataTrails provides users with a comprehensive solution for verifying data authenticity and ensuring data integrity. With features like automatic provenance metadata recording, easy verification of Dropbox data authenticity and portable data integrity, DataTrails simplifies the process of maintaining trustworthy and tamper-evident data that helps prevent content misuse and can be used to detect fakes and fraud.

The seamless integration between Dropbox and DataTrails further enhances the user experience by streamlining workflows and facilitating efficient data management with the Dropbox tools and applications you already use today.

With DataTrails, enhanced data provenance is within reach for individuals and businesses seeking to ensure the reliability and authenticity of their data in a Gen AI fueled digital landscape.

If you’re concerned about misuse of your content and detecting fakes and fraud, signup for a free account at www.DataTrails.ai, or book a meeting for a demo.

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