Stop the Erosion of Trust in Digital Media ​

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Media Authenticity & Auditability

Authenticating content requires transparent metadata including timestamps, identity, and fingerprints, on an immutable ledger ensuring data lineage that empowers users to assess its safety and trustworthiness.


Restore Trust in Digital Media

Trust in digital media is eroding as fraud, theft, and misattribution threaten content integrity, fueling confusion and distrust. Existing tools are inadequate to meet the threat.


Responsible Tech, For Responsible Organizations

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A Revolutionary Digital Ledger Technology Platform for Tamper-Proof Content Verification

DataTrails API-first solution provides a trust & visibility layer to support trustworthy data distribution & resolve contested scenarios. DataTrails tracks the provenance of data in a tamper-evident ledger to detect fake data & prove authenticity. Fine-grained attribute based access controls ensure the right data gets to the right place. Configurable compliance policies monitor data changes enabling realtime alerts. Supporting IETF SCITT standards, DataTrails makes it easy to integrate with apps that rely on safe, secure & trustworthy data.

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Top 3 Benefits

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Durable Media Provenance

Metadata & Fingerprints that prove content authenticity.

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Long-Term Confidence

Artifacts are signed and notarized with immutable receipts.

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Simple API Integration

Standards-based methods to verify and validate any content.

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Immutable Audit Trails For Any Asset

DataTrails makes it easy to add explainabilty and transparency to your files using standards-based, open and interoperable methods. If you’re looking to prevent misuse of your files or enable content authentication so others can check your files are safe and trustworthy, DataTrails is the easy way to add data integrity that lasts and can be instantly verified. Download our white paper and learn how to create protection for your content, and proof for your customers.

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