Immutable Audit Trails For Any Data, Anywhere

Long-term Integrity with Transparency, Provenance & Accountability

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Prove Who Did What When

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Transparency & Accountability

DataTrails keeps track of the origins, history and authenticity of data in a tamper-evident ledger which makes it easy for anyone to detect fake data, prove ownership, and bring vital accountability to the digital world.

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Tamper-Evident Ledger

Using innovative DLT and cybersecurity technologies DataTrails makes it practically impossible for anyone โ€“ even DataTrails โ€“ to forge, back-date, or shred data.

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No Fuss, Simple Integration

Implementing provenance usually requires heavy investments and process change, but with DataTrails you can keep your current apps and working processes.


The DataTrails API

Create & Verify Immutable Audit Trails in Your Apps

DataTrails is an API-first solution that leverages cryptography and distributed ledger technology to enhance trust in digital content. Delivered as a REST API with OIDC authentication, it is easy to integrate with applications to add immutability and tamper-evidence to data without disrupting application workflows.

  • No need to learn or implement complex blockchain.
  • Python and no-code YAML available.
  • Provenance is handled automatically.
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User-Friendly Web App

Enable Anyone to Prove & Verify Files Are Trustworthy

In addition to configuring user permissions and API integrations you can utilize our UI to upload data, track provenance, and verify authenticity with Instaproof without any coding or DLT skills.ย You can also manage connections with 3rd parties to build collaborative trails and work across silos, physical boundaries, and disparate platforms.

  • View, create and manage data trails via a user friendly interface.
  • Easily share data trails with others.
  • Integrate with your favorite apps.

DataTrails Authenticated Provenance Platform Features

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  • Immutable, tamper-evident data trails
  • Who did what when
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  • Record provenance metadata and evidence on the DataTrails’ Blockchain
  • Integrate with content anywhere
  • Connectors (e.g., Dropbox) & SDK
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  • Instaproof – instantly check provenance
  • Verify lineage & history
  • Validate ledger integrity
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Collaborate & Share

  • Share public & private metadata and files
  • Attribute & organization-based access controls
  • OIDC-based
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  • User-definable policies
  • Detect and notify
  • Anomalous events
  • Metadata inconsistencies
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  • Create reports
  • Query assets & events
  • Query specific attributes including time, fingerprints, and custom metadata

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