It’s been a challenge to contain our excitement since winning the Digital Catapult – Sellafield open call that asked the question “How can Distributed Ledger Technology coordinate data exchange, ensure data consistency, and ensure data longevity within the highly regulated nuclear waste handling lifecycle?

The records associated with waste containers (including its manufacture) and the waste itself, create a requirement for accurate, reputable data that can be accessed throughout the waste management lifecycle by all authorised parties. 

All of us at Jitsuin are ready to prove what we knew all along that this is EXACTLY the kind of application Distributed Ledger Technology is made for. 

Enterprise Shared Ledgers deliver the foundations to tightly control data sharing, trace data provenance and hold all to account with an irrefutable record. 

The Jitsuin Archivist solution is an easy-to-use API that controls data sharing to those who need to know, enables users to verify, then trust data sources and proves who did what to anything. We call it Mutual Assured Data. And if our solution meets the Sellafield challenge, we’re confident it could meet your data sharing challenges too. Ask yourself or your business: How do you trust someone else’s data? 

We see uses for Mutual Assured Data in construction, building operations, manufacturing, supply chains, critical infrastructure, maintenance repairs and overhaul, safety compliance and even the cybersecurity maintenance of connected things. 

What would you do with Mutual Assured Data? 

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