Earlier today the Linux Foundation announced RKVST’s (formerly Jitsuin) membership of Hyperledger, the home of open source cross-industry blockchain technologies.  If you knew me before RKVST you will know that I was already on the Governing Board at Hyperledger and I’m pleased to confirm that I still am! This group is extremely important in setting the direction of blockchain and secure ledger technologies and I’m proud and honoured to continue bringing my security and industry experience to that forum.

More generally, I can’t stress enough how important it is to develop blockchain technologies in an open group like Hyperlegder, working together with wonderful people and amazing experts from all over the geographic and corporate map whose main common denominator is expertise and interest in blockchain technology.  Putting aside the general blockchain hype for a moment, distributed ledger technologies definitely have a pivotal role to play in the future fabric of the Internet, and the Internet of Things. The future of data is collaborative, multi-stakeholder and machine/AI automated. No other line of development right now shows the same level of promise in enabling the necessary level of distributed, collaborative systems engineering that this challenge requires, and so developing a mature, consistent and standardised base layer is a fundamental first (and second, and third…) step. 

To develop good collaborative systems in operation takes good collaboration during development.  Who’d have guessed!

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