Jitsuin and Microsoft to host joint webinar on “How to Move Fast and Fix Things: Building Trust in Digital Transformation with Jitsuin Security Twins”

CAMPBELL, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Jitsuin, a leading provider of Security Twins for enterprise and industrial IoT, and Wavestone, the Paris-based global management and IT consulting firm, have announced an innovative approach to securing digital transformation in connected locks for the built environment.

Data is the new “oil” of the fourth industrial revolution that is fueling Digital Transformation (DX), much of it increasingly flowing from connected things. Yet, it is difficult to establish trust, provenance and pedigree of data with wildly varying approaches to vulnerability, security, and configuration management of connected things.

In order to underpin trust in a new connected door lock system architecture for use in apartment buildings and offices, Wavestone has partnered with Jitsuin. Trust is critical to add convenience, assure residents, detect abuse of privilege and ensure the system properly manages risks. IDC Research sees the future of trust as a team sport; a new approach is needed to build it and together Jitsuin and Wavestone have unlocked digital transformation.

Wavestone has re-architected the door entry system using Microsoft Azure IoT Hub and Jitsuin Archivist to build the foundational trust for residents and office workers, connected device makers, building owners, emergency services and third parties to bring convenience and safety in everyday use.

The new architecture enables authorized third parties to issue instant access for legitimate use – for example guests renting apartments, food deliveries, service and maintenance teams, all the while permanently recording when who accessed what to detect abuse of privilege. The new system will eliminate the inconvenience of answering intercom calls for other people’s deliveries or waiting in for their own; boost security by giving time-bound access rights for apartment guests without sharing master codes that should be changed often and are often forgotten; and deter abuse of privilege by holding users accountable.

“Jitsuin Archivist is built on Distributed Ledger Technology to maintain a permanent digital record of all events relating to Connected Things and distribute that information to authorised parties for information, action or audit. Those records can then be used to meet both regulatory and context-specific requirements. Its integration with Microsoft Azure IoT platform allows for an easy initial setup for existing or new IoT deployments,” said Michel Girier, IT Security Consultant at Wavestone.

“Wavestone has showcased what is possible when taking a different approach to trust in digital transformations with connected things. The answer is not more and more layers of security but resilience, transparency, collaboration and a platform that automates and holds stakeholders to account. Jitsuin Archivist Security Twins offer a simpler alternative to complex hierarchical trust systems,” said Krishna Anne, Co-Founder and CEO for Jitsuin.

The Jitsuin Archivist Security Twin platform connects to Microsoft Azure IoT Hub and Azure IoT Central to boost trust in digital transformation with connected things. The solution provides the transparency, collaboration and automation needed to move fast and fix things, while revealing, reducing and reporting risks. Jitsuin Security Twins bring the key attribute of collaboration that builds trust amongst all stakeholders, enabling Wavestone to build a new multi-party system

Jitsuin and Microsoft will host a joint webinar featuring a demo of the Wavestone solution with Diego Tamburini, Principal Industry Lead, Azure for Manufacturing at Microsoft and Jon Geater CTO & Co-Founder. Titled “Move Fast and Fix Things: Build trust in digital transformation with Jitsuin Security Twins,” the webinar will be held Wednesday July 15 at 9:00 AM PT.

To register visit: https://microsoftcloudpartner.eventbuilder.com/event/18844

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Jitsuin enables CISOs to boost trust in digital transformations with connected Things and reduce technology supply chain risks while proving continuous compliance. Jitsuin Security Twins enable businesses to make faster, better, assured decisions on data from any connected Thing and build trust between organizations while automating resiliency of operations. Jitsuin, which means “Truth in Things,” was founded by experts in IoT, security, identity and distributed ledgers with the vision to maintain safe, efficient and sustainable Internet Things. To learn more visit https://jitsuin.com/


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Kesselring Communications for Jitsuin

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