Jitsuin Brings Security Expertise to Digital Twin Consortium


Joins global leaders to help advance the use of digital twin technologies and build a foundation of trust for IoT with ‘security twins’

CAMPBELL, CA – June 11, 2020 – Jitsuin, a leading provider of collaborative risk management for enterprise and industrial IoT, today announced it has joined Digital Twin Consortium™ as a Groundbreaker.

Jitsuin will bring security expertise to the newly formed Digital Twin Consortium and work alongside early innovators and adopters to help build a foundation of trust in digital twin technology. Led by a steering committee consisting of Ansys, Dell, Lendlease and Microsoft, the Consortium represents an international ecosystem of industry leaders that are influencing digital twin development, usage and standards requirements.

In a new paper titled “The Future of Trust Is a Team Sport,” IDC outlines why digital trust is the top new agenda priority for CxOs for the next five years. Over 70 percent of manufacturers rate digital twins as an important strategic initiative and, by 2023, IDC predicts that 65 percent of global manufacturers will have realized operational expense savings of 10 percent through process digital twins. Yet IDC surveys indicate 79 percent of enterprises do not audit all security risks in their partner ecosystem and 32 percent take no steps at all. Dominic Trott, Research Director of European Security & Privacy, concludes that, “Security Twins are indicative of the future of trust in two key areas: first, they help mitigate the risk of making business decisions based on machine data of unknown or inconsistent provenance; and  second, they reduce the pressure on over-burdened security teams by automating distributed integrity processes through attributes such as smart contracts.”

Security twins add a distributed integrity and compliance layer that is foundational to the trustworthiness of the data generated by a forecasted 55.8bn connected devices by 2025 and used by their digital twins.

“Digital twins are proving to be the breakthrough technology that will enable digital transformation to finally deliver on its promises of a smarter, greener, more efficient future. The Digital Twin Consortium is crucial to making sure this technology develops in the right way for all the varied stakeholders in IoT. Jitsuin is changing the game with a collaborative and distributed approach to building real-world trust in connected things and their digital twins. We are thrilled to devote our efforts to the Consortium as a Groundbreaker and work with other members to influence global standards and best practices for a safer, better digital tomorrow,” said Jon Geater, CTO, Jitsuin.

Jitsuin Archivist Security Twins platform is built on an innovative foundation of cryptographic security, distributed integrity, and resiliency, establishing security twins and ‘tracers’ that help reveal, reduce and report risks throughout the IoT value chain while building trust between all stakeholders. Leveraging secure distributed ledgers, Jitsuin brings transparency, collaboration and automation as the underpinning to digital transformation with connected things.

“Jitsuin’s vision for security twins and building trust in the ecosystem of connected things will bring invaluable expertise to our global ecosystem of Digital Twin Consortium members,” said Dr. Soley, Executive Director, Digital Twin Consortium. “We look forward to working with Jitsuin to advance the use of digital twin technology across industries.”

To learn about the newly formed Digital Twin Consortium: https://www.digitaltwinconsortium.org/press-room/05-18-20.htm

To download the IDC white paper: https://jitsuin-content.microsoftcrmportals.com/Home%20Page%20IDC%20Banner/

About Jitsuin

Jitsuin enables CISOs to boost trust in digital transformations with connected Things and reduce technology supply chain risks. Jitsuin Security Twins enable businesses to make faster, better, assured decisions on data from any connected Thing and build trust between organizations while automating resiliency of operations. Jitsuin, which means “Truth in Things,” was founded by experts in IoT, security, identity and distributed ledgers with the vision to maintain safe, efficient and sustainable Internet Things. To learn more visit https://jitsuin.com/

About Digital Twin Consortium

Digital Twin Consortium is The Authority in Digital Twin. It coalesces industry, government and academia to drive consistency in vocabulary, architecture, security and interoperability of digital twin technology. It advances the use of digital twin technology in many industries from aerospace to natural resources. Digital Twin Consortium is a program of Object Management Group.


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