As supply chains continue to evolve and new Al technology becomes part of every business, traditional trust systems that rely on human interactions to verify and validate data will struggle to keep pace. Digital supply chain practices from media through software to physical goods must adapt to this changing global technology landscape.

The innovations unleashed in GenAI have made it apparent that we can no longer trust what we see and read; we must verify data before we use it. In other words: if data is the fuel of your business and your new Al systems, then you need to make sure you are running on clean fuel from verified sources.

Recently, the BBC introduced its new BBC Verify service to validate digital content. That service includes a team of 60 people, which unfortunately is not the type of adaptation every business can afford. Satya Nadella, CEO Microsoft, identified Al safety as the most urgent problem that needs to be addressed today and highlighted data provenance as the essential component.

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