Provenance, governance, and immutability are tough technical challenges requiring expertise in digital identity, networking, and cryptography. DataTrails® provides simple APIs and UI to implement these in your application at a fraction of the cost and complexity of building and maintaining it yourself.


Collaborating with partner organizations often means federating ID services, or bringing guest accounts into your infrastructure.

Not with DataTrails. With DataTrails you remain in control of your identity and sign in the way you’re comfortable.

Asset Histories

DataTrails assembles and curates a complete lifecycle history of your shared assets enabling rapid insights and queries into “who did what when”, available as a simple UI search or a detailed JSON document.

Compliance Insights

Enable powerful insights from simple rules. Did things happen in the correct order? Did they take too long? Have we missed a software patch in a remote location?

Using the power of Asset Histories and simple rules-based policy configuration DataTrails can highlight where your problem spots are so that you can focus your work where it’s needed.

Assured Distribution

At the heart of DataTrails is a powerful policy engine that controls and audits “who can do what” and “who can see what”.

Discover RKVST for yourself

Achieve provenance, governance, and immutability for your shared data with none of the costs, distractions and diversions.

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