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The problem

Digital Deception

The Urgent Need for Authenticity and Auditability in the Digital Age

The proliferation of digital forgeries threatens to erode the foundational trust in media, necessitating a robust mechanism for certifying the authenticity and auditability of content.

The solution

DataTrails: Ensuring Digital Authenticity

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DLT platform

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Audit trails

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DataTrails brings forth a sophisticated DLT platform that solidifies trust in digital media by providing irrefutable audit trails for content. Our solution captures crucial metadata to a tamper-proof ledger, detailing the lifecycle of media assets with precision and reliability. Intuitive integration with existing infrastructures allows for seamless adoption, enhancing the credibility of content without disrupting creative workflows. DataTrails’ commitment to maintaining the trust of digital media ensures that authenticity is not just claimed but also proven and preserved.


The answer is DataTrails

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