See how DataTrails™ can drive efficiency in your organization.

Our platform can instantly hash and verify your files, creating immutable audit trails.


Auditing is a high effort, but a necessary part of business.  It’s a core component for a company to expect mandatory verification of financial records and adherence to policies. Unfortunately, an audit can be disorganized, high-pressure, and labor-intensive task.  The variety of platforms, owners, and 3rd parties involved make it hard to be efficient and equate to added cost. Not to mention the big disruption this is to your operations – taking personnel away from their normal duties to get things done on a tight timeline.   

DataTrails is here to make this less painful with our Platform, APIs, and Connectors. Our next-gen auditing solution provides clear notarized evidence of your files’ metadata, which can quickly be verified by auditors. You can instantly prove the history of your intellectual property, financial records, or compliance docs. Your file’s metadata will be automatically uploaded to an immutable digital ledger that uses IETF standards to ensure interoperability for digital, so you data is here to stay.

DataTrails enables compliance and audit teams to eliminate the time-wasting and error-prone processes of the past.  With the introduction of our Dropbox connector, there is a free no-code solution that provides notarized evidence of your file’s metadata.  Now you can capture legally admissible proof for your business with just a few clicks. Learn more on how to use our Dropbox Connector (producer) and Instaproof (consumer) to start building immutable audit trails today.