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Protection for your content.
Proof for your customers.

Bring audit trails to your Dropbox files. Add content protection and enable authentication for anyone who needs to verify your files. Your files’ metadata automatically uploads to the our immutable ledger.

We automate provenance for the apps you use

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Now you have the evidence you need to prove claims about your work and the controls you need to share that evidence when providing proof of who, did what, when. Here’s how:

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Integrate with your apps

Connect DataTrails with your apps such as Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive in just a few clicks.

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Add provenance

Instantly create and record metadata, adding provenance records to all your files with a simple drag & drop.

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Share & verify

Share your content confidently and allow others to verify its authenticity and history with DataTrails Instaproof.

Content creators

As a content creator, you want to showcase your work and reach your audience in the best possible way. But how can you prove that your work is original, authentic, and trustworthy? How can you protect your work from being copied, manipulated, or misused? That’s where DataTrails comes in, documenting the origin, history, and validity of your content, such as text, images, audio, or video, so you can prove where it came from.

  • Prove you are the rightful owner and creator of your work
  • Protect your intellectual property rights and prevent unauthorized use
  • Increase trust and transparency of your work by providing information about the sources and processes used to create it

And with DataTrails for Dropbox creating and recording the provenance metadata is as easy as a click of a button.

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Content consumers

As a content consumer, you want to access and enjoy content that is relevant, accurate, and engaging. But how do you know the content you see or hear is reliable, authentic, and trustworthy? How can you avoid being misled or deceived by fake or malicious content? DataTrails Instaproof makes it easy to check the provenance of the content that comes your way – images, audio, video, even invoices – with a simple drag & drop.

  • Confirm that the content is original and authentic
  • Detect whether content has been copied, altered, or fabricated
  • Help make informed decisions on whether to trust content

Business users

Are you sure the data you use in your business operations is trustworthy? Can you be sure where it came from, especially with the volumes of data generated by AI.

Using an interoperable standards-based approach, DataTrails adds provenance and verifies the authenticity of any digital content – invoices, image files, video, documents, software – without the need to change your exiting workflows. After all, it’s standard practice to authenticate people and devices, shouldn’t you do the same with your data?

DataTrails is the easy way to add integrity, transparency and trust to your data and protect digital content.

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