Software transparency benefits

See how DataTrails reveals what’s in the box to operationalize SBOM, VEX and more.

Zero Trust IoT Devices

Advanced Zero Trust authorization

The modern approach to cybersecurity is Zero Trust: don’t place all faith into a single component, rather continuously verify trustworthiness for every authorization.

Typical IoT solutions & devices rely on standard approaches to authentication, such as PKI certificates, to verify device identity and trust devices. However, many other systemic issues such as firmware bugs, cloning, or missed maintenance SLAs can mean the device and its data are not trustworthy and pose a threat. And trust in these techniques erodes over time.

DataTrails enables companies to gather and distribute the trustworthy supply-chain-wide security and maintenance information that is essential to making reliable real-time zero trust authorization decisions where the compromise of legitimate devices poses a threat, and prove it years later.


  • Not just SBOM!
    Complete traceability of device software provenance, but only for those who need to know. SBOMs, VEX, VRFs, Attestations…can all be gathered, authenticated and analysed.
  • Reduce IoT risk
    Automated Zero Trust decisions underpinned by checks on authenticated software lifecycle artefacts and other events reduce the risk of compromised devices entering your network.
  • Long term integrity
    Be confident in audits years into the future with instant verification not only who did what when, but also who knew what when, with modern cryptographic underpinnings that only care about the actors back then, and doesn’t rely on them staying honest now.

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