Construction supply chain

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Turn Chain of Custody into Chain of Responsibility

Bringing Trust to Digital Twins for Construction

Lendlease needed deep and dependable supply chain traceability of construction materials in order to automate and digitize the building design and approval process with trusted digital twins replacing paper and signatures.

Lendlease chose RKVST due to its distributed architecture, data integrity features, and simple code integration which enables confidence that the physical supply chain matches the digital model and unlocks the power of Digital Twins for designing the built environment.


  • Automate CM processes
    Proof-of-compliance at every stage gives confidence in fast changes and rapid iteration while ensuring accountability for externals

  • Prove faulty parts & suppliers quickly
    With a detailed trusted and traceable history, problems can be quickly resolved and dangerous flaws remediated before things go wrong

  • Keep familiar tools and processes
    API-first approach enables integration of RKVST behind existing procurement and supply chain tooling. Minimal disruption for customers and suppliers

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