Nuclear material tracking

See how RKVST makes it easier to contain risk and accelerate handling operations.

Accelerating nuclear waste material handling

Bridging the Trust Gap in nuclear waste handling

Together with Digital Catapult, the UK authority on advanced digital technologies, Sellafield was looking to evaluate novel solutions that could create a trusted and secure record for tracking hazardous waste and materials throughout the nuclear industry.

Sellafield chose RKVST for its ability to accurately represent physical handling lifecycles in a high integrity record that provides reliable access to all stakeholders to do their job with minimal disruption to existing systems and processes. Through RKVST track-and-trace of waste assets, Sellafield and Digital Catapult forecast significant cost savings and handling speed improvements with vastly increased reliability and data accuracy.


  • Know your things
    Complete traceability of provenance, operations, and maintenance for the life of the asset wherever it is

  • Minimize transcription errors
    Consistent physical-to-digital mapping means all stakeholders know they’re dealing with the right items, and a single source of truth eliminates the use of stale, incorrect, or mistyped data

  • Integrate with existing systems
    Get the benefits of Blockchain without major disruption to software systems and processes

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