ESG accountability

See how RKVST underpins sustainability claims for carbon-neutral aviation and helps shed light on ESG.

Trustworthy aviation carbon accounting

Underpin sustainability claims for climate-neutral aviation

Green aerospace company SATAVIA has the mission of cutting up to 60% of aviation’s climate impact via contrail prevention. Immutable storage of flight-by-flight data, with clear oversight of provenance and governance – a central requirement of climate benefit accounting.

SATAVIA deployed RKVST to provide a single immutable source of truth, storing key information relating to each modified flight and the climate benefit achieved from each flight modifications


  • A single source of truth
    Data provenance and integrity, providing a single source of truth for key information relating to each flight modified for contrail prevention and the associated climate benefits.

  • Time to market
    SATAVIA was able to develop a viable solution within weeks rather than months, without the need to write custom code or interfaces, neither did it need to recruit and train blockchain specialists.

  • Auditable chain of custody
    An auditable chain of custody, enables reliable sustainability reporting that meets the fundamental requirements of climate benefit accounting and the generation of carbon credits.

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