Digital Transformation

See how RKVST makes brings value to data-driven business.

Trust Your Digital Operations

Powering Product-as-a-Service Digital Transformation

Siemens Drive Technology issued a Global Challenge to find solutions that would enable the confident launch of a “motion-as-a service” digitally transformed business model where customers pay for the motion delivered rather than buying capital equipment.

Siemens chose RKVST for its capabilities in assured collaborative operations. The platform’s distributed architecture, data integrity features, and flexible user authentication enables all stakeholders to share the right data at the right time. This aligns incentives for reliability and service delivery for customers and better operational data and profitability for Product-as-a-Service providers.


  • Know your things
    Complete traceability of provenance, operations, and maintenance for the life of the asset — even after exchange or transfer

  • Find and fix faults fast
    Near real-time insight into process breaches across the supply chain: less time searching, more time doing

  • Boost your digital transformation
    Automate digital business processes with confidence in your data and trust throughout the value chain

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