Stimson Center, DataTrails, and True North Partner to Develop MATCH 2.0 for Secure Chemical Trade Monitoring

SANTA CLARA, Calif. and CAMBRIDGE, U.K. – May 21, 2024  – The Stimson Center has partnered with DataTrails, an audit trails technology company, and True North, a software services company, both specializing in enhancing transparency and traceability of data, to launch MATCH 2.0, a prototype distributed ledger technology (DLT) system for monitoring and tracking international trade of chemicals listed under the Chemical Weapons Convention (the Convention).

The MATCH prototype aims to simplify regulatory compliance for the global chemical industry. It will assist national authorities in identifying and resolving discrepancies in the declared transfers f commonly traded “scheduled chemicals.” These chemicals only have industrial applications but can also be used as precursors to chemical weapons, making them subject to strict export controls and reporting requirements under the Convention. Like earlier versions, MATCH 2.0 will continue to enable users to share and process data securely using DLT, but this updated prototype ensures that transactions are verified and replicated using cryptography.

Through this partnership, the project will combine DataTrail’s advanced DLT with True North’s content protection services to deliver secure, traceable, and trustworthy data on the global trade of monitored scheduled chemicals. DataTrails’ new technology, ‘Forestrie’, is a purpose-built distributed ledger for supply chain integrity, transparency, and trust. This technology will be coupled with True North’s software development and integration expertise in building secure and trustworthy multi-party data solutions for government and enterprise clients, a fully supported, compliant and auditable service that all parties in the supply chain can use to prove data is reliable and trustworthy.

The MATCH project is a joint effort of Stimson’s Converging Technology and Global Security and Partnerships in Proliferation programs and funded by Global Affairs Canada’s Weapons Threat Reduction Program. The project began in September 2021 with the second iteration (MATCH 2.0) concluding in January 2025.

“DataTrails is excited to work with Stimson and Global Affairs Canada’s Weapons Threat Reduction Program on this pilot project,” said DataTrails CEO Rusty Cumpston.  “Organizations across the world are handling more data every day to make critical decisions.  Knowing that data has not been tampered and proving its provenance and integrity enables third-party ecosystems to monitor and simplify regulatory compliance.  All parties need trustworthy data they can rely on which are the key capabilities provided by DataTrails distributed ledger innovations and a simple API that supports IETF open and interoperable standards for supply chain integrity, transparency and trust.”

“This partnership illustrates the blueprint for transforming disparate data processes into a single, trustworthy pane of glass,” said TrueNorth CEO, Bill Pugh.

“This partnership underscores our joint commitment to harnessing technology for the greater good,” said Cindy Vestergaard, Director of the Converging Technology and Global Security program at the Stimson Center. “By joining forces with DataTrails and True North, we are revolutionizing how we monitor chemical trade in support of the Convention’s goal to prevent the reemergence of chemical weapons.”

About DataTrails
DataTrails is a pioneer in transparent and immutable audit trail technology, offering innovative solutions to enhance data integrity and transparency across various industries.

About True North
True North is a software services company that builds and delivers SaaS solutions for “Trust”, “Transparency” and “Traceability for a variety of markets.

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