RKVST Rebrands as DataTrails

November 14, 2023 09:00 AM Eastern Standard Time

SANTA CLARA, Calif., & CAMBRIDGE, England–(BUSINESS WIRE)–RKVST today announced that it has rebranded to DataTrails Inc. The new name reflects why customers value the company’s innovative technology – which empowers users to build immutable audit trails in a way that is accessible, easy to use, and adds automation.

“DataTrails is disrupting audit trail technology with a solution that is extremely accessible to everyone – delivering the key bits of a blockchain experience without the complexity and unnecessary hassle.”

Rusty Cumpston

“Our customers have told us again and again that building immutable audit trails is very easy using our connectors and API. Current audit trail technology lacks transparency and also doesn’t have easy ways to record and verify provenance metadata,” said Rusty Cumpston, CEO of DataTrails. “DataTrails is disrupting audit trail technology with a solution that is extremely accessible to everyone – delivering the key bits of a blockchain experience without the complexity and unnecessary hassle.”

Users simply connect DataTrails to their Dropbox folders to automatically create immutable audit trails for all of their files. DataTrails will be adding connectors for OneDrive, Google Drive, and Box over the next several weeks.

The immutable audit trails created with DataTrails provide users with the long-term integrity they need to provide who did what, when, to digital assets. Long-term data integrity is critical in preventing fraud, misuse, misattribution, and business friction that arise from our current low – and fast-eroding – sense of trust in the internet.

Immutable audit trails have many valuable applications. Accounting teams can use them to identify real – and avoid paying fake – invoices. Content creators can build immutable audit trails to prevent infringement, misattribution, and theft of their work. Data governance, risk management, and compliance professionals can employ immutable audit trail technology in their work with financial documents, legal contracts and agreements, medical records, and other digital documents to reduce manual verification and validation tasks and automate continuous assurance processes.

Leveraging immutable audit trail technology is more important than ever in today’s world of generative AI, which makes it easy to create – and potentially be fooled by – digital fakes and frauds. This is such a massive problem that President Biden called it out in the Executive Order on Safe, Secure, and Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence that The White House issued in October.

“The world today is data-driven, multiparty, and highly connected. New files, documents, and software come into your business every day. Things were already moving extremely fast, and now gen AI gives bad actors a huge advantage in generating and firing digital ammunition at unprecedented speed and scale. It’s almost impossible to know what to trust anymore – you just can’t check fast enough,” said Jon Geater, co-founder and chief product & technology officer at DataTrails. “With DataTrails’ immutable audit trails, people can regain control by instantly proving who did what, and when, for any digital asset coming to them, especially from outside their own walls. With that visibility, they can decide with confidence what data to use and what to throw away.”

About DataTrails

DataTrails gives creators and businesses long-term confidence in digital files and documents by maintaining a tamper-proof record of who did what when no matter where the files are stored or how they move around. Underpinned by openly verifiable ledger technology, the provenance record created in the DataTrails secure cloud platform provides an immutable audit trail that vastly improves the speed and reduces the costs of verification. Whether validating documents in real time or looking for simpler, better ways to meet audit requirements, DataTrails delivers the integrity, transparency, and accountability required in today’s fast-paced digital-first world. Visit www.DataTrails.ai.