DataTrails and True North Forge Strategic Partnership to Elevate Safe, Secure and Trustworthy Digital Content for Government Organizations

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We are thrilled to announce a strategic partnership between DataTrails, the leaders in transparent and immutable audit trail technology, and True North, renowned for their digital content protection services. This collaboration is set to redefine data integrity and transparency for municipal and state government organizations. 

The synergy between DataTrails’ cutting-edge immutable audit trail APIs and True North’s robust content protection services will create a comprehensive content security solution. Together, we will deliver unparalleled transparency, authenticity, and protection to the sensitive and valuable digital assets managed by government entities. 

  Key Benefits of the Partnership: 
  • Enhanced Data Integrity: By integrating DataTrails’ technology, True North will offer government clients a new level of digital assurance and compliance 
  • Increased Transparency: The collaboration will enable a more transparent view of data handling, bolstering public trust in government digital platforms. 
  • Superior Content Protection: True North’s services, combined with DataTrails’ innovative blockchain technology, will ensure that digital content remains protected against evolving cyber threats. 

This partnership represents our shared commitment to upholding the highest standards of data security and governance. It underscores our dedication to empowering government organizations with the services they need to safeguard their digital ecosystems effectively.

For government clients, this means access to a seamless, secure, and state-of-the-art platform designed to meet the specific challenges faced by public sector institutions. We understand the importance of protecting the integrity of public data, and our partnership is poised to set new benchmarks in this area.  

 Looking Ahead: 

The teams at DataTrails and True North are already working closely to tailor our combined offerings to the unique needs of government clients. We are scheduling a series of webinars and workshops to introduce our integrated solutions and demonstrate their impact on government digital services. 

We invite all stakeholders to join us in embracing this new standard of data protection and integrity. Stay tuned for updates on our progress and for invitations to our upcoming events. 

For more information on how our partnership can serve your organization, please contact us at 

  Together, DataTrails and True North are charting a new course toward a more secure and transparent future for government digital services.