Whether tracking nuclear material or environmental monitoring, data management policies in the nuclear sector are complex, and increasingly required to capture, protect and share vast amounts of instantly verifiable data.

Find out how DataTrails meets this challenge

DataTrails captures provenance metadata for all events related to an asset as it moves through the supply chain, process stream, or workflow enabling traceability and transparency with permissioned multi-party visibility aligned with ever-evolving regulatory and contractual requirements.

Nuclear waste handling

Data management systems for the back-end of the nuclear fuel cycle are top priorities as countries move forward with the decommissioning of nuclear facilities and permanent disposal of radioactive waste.

Maintaining evidence and records that prove who did what when and that can be accessed for the next 100 years is a key requirement.

The portable data integrity features of DataTrails are purpose built to enable long-term verification of evidence and records.  Whether data is one second old or 100 years old, it should always be instantly verifiable. The DataTrails platform can connect to multiple authorized sources to provide a consolidated overview of the entire estate, including legacy systems, eliminating manual processes and silo-ed data streams.

DataTrails recently partnered with Sellafield to improve decommissioning operations.

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Environmental monitoring

With safety of the environment and populations a top priority for nuclear power operations, DataTrails and AttentionIT have partnered to bring together eMWaste, a state-of-the-art solution for streamlining the environmental approach, with RKVST’s provenance platform for data integrity, immutability, and traceability to accelerate the decommissioning process while continually ensuring compliance in an evolving regulatory landscape.

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The benefits DataTrails offers

Multiparty visibility with a single source of truth

DataTrails connects to data in any authorized sources to provide a consolidated overview of the entire estate, and visibility of the waste lifecycle, waste characteristics, and waste inventory from generation to geological disposal all in one place for authorized stakeholders to view, verify and query. This enables organizations to eliminate errors, save time, and significantly reduce costs while permissioned access ensures data sharing is aligned with national rules and regulations.

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Compliance policies and permissioned access

Recognizing that standards and regulations change over time, DataTrails adds provenance to regulations and other important criteria (such as Waste Acceptance Criteria) to simplify implementation and compliance – no matter whether the asset, process or rules have changed. DataTrails enables the inspection of historic data (what did this item look like 2 years ago?) and retrieval of historic regulatory guidance (what did the regulations look like then?) for quick and confident evaluation of historical compliance (was it a good idea at the time?). Permissioned access controls are aligned with confidentiality and data privacy rules to ensure users can see only what they are authorized to see internally and across borders.

Seamless integration

The DataTrails API enables seamless integration with existing applications and with data on-premises or in the cloud. This makes it easy to add DLT to current systems without having to build in-house DLT capacity including managing, scaling, and running more servers, virtual machines (VMs) and storage. DataTrails makes linking physical and virtual assets simple by having a consistent, reliable identifier (such as a physical QR code or an RFID tag) to enable real-time operational collaboration between multiple parties located in different jurisdictions using different types of terminals with different access rights.

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