Combat the Erosion of Trust in Digital Media

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In the age of generative AI, deepfakes, and increased fraud, ensuring the authenticity of digital content is paramount. This rapidly changing environment is forcing media organizations to address some significant challenges:  

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Long-term Data Integrity

Ensuring the audit trail remains unaltered over time, which is crucial for the credibility of media archives.

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Metadata Manipulation

EXIF and even more enhanced forms of metadata can easily be altered or stripped, erasing the digital footprint of content ownership and history.

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Verification Complexities

The challenge of establishing a content's authenticity quickly and reliably, amidst the increasing sophistication of digital fakes.

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Source Verification

The difficulty in tracing the original source of content - from IP theft and misappropriation to false origins.

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Content Tampering

The possibility of unauthorized changes to published content, which can lead to misinformation and damage to credibility.

DataTrails provides a vital service to media organizations to face these challenges. Our platform drives authenticity by revealing any manipulation of metadata. This empowers creators and media publishers by providing a simple way to document the history of their digital content for images, videos, and audio. This not only safeguards intellectual property but also builds trust with content consumers, who can rely on DataTrails for transparent verification.

By offering a platform that integrates seamlessly with existing workflows, DataTrails offers content verification that is accessible and efficient.  Our suite of tools includes both an API Platform and no-code connectors that fits your teams’ skillsets and organizational needs.

As a content creator, showcase your original, authentic work and document its origin and history to establish trust and prove your ownership. Protect your intellectual property and enhance transparency by providing detailed information on the sources and processes behind your creations.

As a content consumer, verify the authenticity and originality of media such as images, audio, and video to make informed decisions about the content’s trustworthiness and detect any alterations or fabrications.