Prove authenticity and protect content from misuse

We are thrilled to announce a new integration with Dropbox that enables verifiable provenance metadata to be automatically created for content you store and manage on Dropbox.

With the onset of generative AI and the increasing threats of fake data and fraud, the ability to prove ownership of your content and protect it from misuse is more urgent now than ever.

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Why you need data provenance for your Dropbox files

DataTrails™ provides data provenance, meaning a record of who did what when, for digital content, so end-users can decide if it is trustworthy or not. DataTrails provenance records provide a stamp of assurance to all parties that verifies the data came from the right place, the authenticity of the data, and the version of the data.

Previously, creating and maintaining provenance metadata has required many manual actions to verify and validate its integrity and authenticity, often requiring custom solutions that were narrowly tailored to solve overly specific use cases, or forcing everyone to use the same apps.

With the DataTrails connector for Dropbox, you can now bring robust data provenance to all the files in your Dropbox folders and keep working the way you want to with added confidence. DataTrails automates the creation and management of provenance metadata for files in folders you select and enables anyone to verify the provenance of those files including origin, authenticity, and lineage with the DataTrails Instaproof tool. Your content never leaves Dropbox, and you don’t need to change anything about the way you work today to add protection for your content and proof for your customers.

Dropbox get up and running in one click

How to bring provenance to your Dropbox files

It is easy to set up the DataTrails connector for Dropbox:

  1. Create an DataTrails account
  2. Click the Dropbox connect button in DataTrails
  3. Select the Dropbox folders that need verifiable provenance metadata

Please read our documentation for more detail.

The benefits of the DataTrails Dropbox connector

All files in the Dropbox folders you select will automatically get a provenance metadata record created, and every time you add or change a file in those folders the provenance record will automatically be updated in DataTrails.

Your files never leave Dropbox.

The DataTrails connector for Dropbox enables provenance metadata about your files to be automatically generated and stored on our provenance-as-a-service platform so you can prove ownership, authenticity, and lineage of your files.

The provenance metadata includes:

  • Verifiable Identity
  • SHA-256 Hash
  • Timestamp
  • Event History
  • Other optional metadata

Seamlessly automate provenance into your business workflows

DataTrails connectors automate the process of tracking and maintaining the provenance of all types of assets such as images, video, PDF documents, and software, enhancing efficiency and saving valuable time whenever someone asks you if they have the correct or latest version. This new feature is available for free to start, with new users receiving 500 attestations to create provenance metadata for their digital content.

Now, if you make any changes to a file, DataTrails will track the changes and maintain the provenance record of who did what when. Anyone who has a copy of the file – no matter how it is shared – can simply drag and drop the file on to the DataTrails Instaproof page to verify that they have the right version from the right organization.

Verifying your data has never been easier

At DataTrails we believe everyone should be able to verify the provenance and authenticity of digital content. Our Instaproof tool enables quick verification and real-time access to provenance information. Users can easily validate the authenticity of files in real-time simply by accessing a URL, scanning a QR code, or dragging and dropping content onto Instaproof. Instant access to comprehensive provenance data empowers individuals and businesses to make informed decisions and decide if the content is trustworthy or not.

With the new DataTrails connector for Dropbox, the needs of businesses large and small, and professionals including digital artists, attorneys and accountants can make their content more safe, secure, and trustworthy and provide proof of authenticity to their customers and partners.

Try it for yourself. Sign up for a DataTrails account and connect it to your Dropbox.

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