Physical Infrastructure

See how immutable audit trails make it easier to unlock the power of connected infrastructure.

Accountability for connected buildings

“Watching the Watchmen” for Building Access Management

Wavestone needed to deliver strong regulatory oversight of overridable electronic door locks. The evidence trail required the highest levels of integrity while preserving personal privacy for building residents. Once solved, this offered the ability to expand usage of convenient access while proving the highest level of trustworthiness to citizens.

Wavestone chose DataTrailsTM as the trustworthy transparency platform their customer needed. The platform’s secure, privacy-first data sharing features gave them the strong evidence trail that all stakeholders needed, while its cybersecurity supply chain traceability features massively cut the cost and time to prove compliance, integrity, and provenance of that data.


  • Know your things
    Complete traceability of provenance, operations, and maintenance for the life of the asset and the data underpinning digital transformation

  • Justify authority & increase customer trust
    Adopt a transparency-first approach to super-user capabilities opening operational opportunities through strong accountability

  • Deter abuse
    Ensure all use is permanently recorded and abuses can be found early, boosting confidence in remote and shared digital operations

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