Continuous Assurance

for Critical Shared Assets

RKVST continuously proves who did what when, bringing confidence in critical decisions.

Data sharing is a business necessity. Trust in shared data is critical.

Gartner® states, “Data and analytics leaders who share data externally generate three times more measurable economic benefit than those who do not.”*

Trust-based mechanisms are the key.

What is a Critical Shared Asset?

A business-critical asset that has more than one stakeholder contributing to its shared record such as:

  • Nuclear waste containers
  • Raw material supply chains
  • Digital twins of physical things
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Shared Data Hard to Trust image

Why is Shared Data Hard to Trust?

  • Unknowable data quality issues
  • Manual sharing means data is delayed or missing
  • Unaccountable sharing and consumption

How Do You Share Critical Data?

Sharing with confidence for critical decisions needs Provenance, Governance, and Immutability.

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Integrate Trust-Based Sharing Tools

How Can I Integrate Trust-Based Sharing Mechanisms?

RKVST gives you developer integration tools:

  • Open-source Software Development Kits
  • A fully documented simple API

RKVST Shares Any Data with Assurance and Trust

Create Your Assets

Use one of our templates or freely create your own asset with attributes you define.

Control Access

Govern access control policies for users within your organization and share beyond its boundaries. 

Immutable Confirmation

Create an unbreakable chain of evidence that proves who did what when.

RKVST is the easy way to share critical data for digital prosperity.

Get Free Access to see how it works.

* Source: Smarter With Gartner, “Data Sharing Is a Business Necessity to Accelerate Digital Business”, May 20, 2021. GARTNER is a registered trademark and service mark of Gartner, Inc. and/or its affiliates in the U.S. and internationally and is used herein with permission.