App Developers

Integrate DataTrails APIs into your Apps to Build Immutable Audit Trails

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Powerful APIs for App Developers

DataTrails APIs enable developers to quickly build immutable audit trails for applications and services that need long-term data integrity, provenance and authenticity guarantees. We designed our APIs (API docs here) for developers to easily use Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) and create immutable audit trails for any data that needs to be instantly verified. 

Benefits for the Developer

We focused on eliminating the cumbersome components of tokenomics (no gas fees or wallets) to allow any developer to integrate a distributed ledger into their app. This accelerates speed to market and allows developers to focus on what they know best. Additionally, DataTrails is economical with a variety of free and paid tiers to fit any budget. This way, we can scale with your organization. Cost is no longer a barrier of entry into the distributed ledger market.

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